As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years.




It's no secret that Kansas City schools have had their share of disappointments in recent times. Parents have been faced with difficult choices. Most cannot afford private schooling for their children, yet they also cannot afford to allow their children's education and well-being to suffer. With this in mind, a community vision was realized; the Missouri Department of Education and the University of Missouri at Kansas City approved the Charter for the Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy in 1999.

The foundation of the Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy is based upon integrity, respect, and character -- both for students and staff. Children develop positive habits, in their studies and in their life, by example and through daily practice. Students are given a fair opportunity to learn -- and to be heard -- feeling empowered in their desire and motivation for education. These are not just words; they are essential to our success, and it works! In fact, many of our staffs' own children attend Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy. Small size classes with large modern size classrooms provide an ideal educational environment.



The teachers, administrators and staff at LEE A. TOLBERT COMMUNITY ACADEMY are united in our belief that ALL children: 


  • Have the power to learn

  • Are curious & creative

  • Can succeed

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style.  We differentiate learning for the needs of each learner.