Parent Resources


Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy's belief in providing a nurturing environment is portrayed in our stakeholder partnerships. Our school consistently works with parents through home visits and volunteer opportunities to develop strong positive relationships between teachers, parents and students. All teachers at the Academy begin the year visiting each of their students' homes. During the visit, parents and students provide valuable information about themselves, and educational goals and challenges they want to address for the upcoming school year. This is the first step in forming a partnership between teachers and parents for student success.

Parent volunteer hours are another parent opportunity to help provide a nurturing environment. All parents are asked to volunteer at least twenty hours of their time or service for the school through working in classrooms or committees, attending performances, chaperoning field trips, making bulletin boards and representing our school at community events. Our parents can also join the P.E.A.C.E. group (Parents Empowered to Appreciate Children's Education) who meet monthly to discuss ways to assist in students' academic success and aid families facing crisis situations. Parents and other community members are also invited to join the Advisory Council, a group of stakeholders that participate in creating school policies to improve or maintain our strong learning and nurturing environment.