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Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy offers a variety of educational opportunities for students. The curriculum provides a foundation of skills and knowledge at each grade level to increase each student’s learning with hands-on materials and experiential learning. Our school provides a quality and caring learning environment that supports staff, students, and parents through open communication and professionalism.  Our curriculum and instruction meets the needs of students and holds high expectations for academic success.

One of the Academy’s major trends in the area of teaching and learning is implementing an accessible curriculum, with pacing guides, unit maps, and a scope and sequence, and aligning it within content areas and grade levels.  Our school’s curriculum committee has been working to load our curriculum into the ecurriculum server.

Lesson plan development has been another major theme. Our on-line lesson plans are completed using the workshop format including learning targets (objectives), alignment to state grade level expectations, student engagement, small group differentiated instruction, enrichment activities, depth of knowledge levels and technology links when applicable. Each grade level team collaborates weekly to ensure lessons are consistently addressing all types of learners. Our SPED department meets with teachers to discuss intervention strategies and individual accommodations for daily classroom activities. Leadership gives feedback consistently in lesson planning. This area is strength within our school across all grade levels.

Using student performance data to drive instruction is another teaching and learning trend. Summative assessment results are analyzed breaking down data to implement instructional activities based on the needs of our students. Quarterly computerized formative assessment in Math and Reading are analyzed in grade level meetings as well.  Collaboration meetings are held to analyze specific strengths and weaknesses of our students to create “power standards” that scaffold across grade levels, ensuring every student is fully prepared for the following year’s instruction. Our reading and math programs also provide formative assessment data, which teachers also discuss, monitor, and adjust instruction to maximize student achievement.

Pertaining to the Teaching and Learning standard, our main area of focus is on-going professional development for developing high quality assessments that align with our standards and expectations within our curriculum.  Our next goal is to utilize data from assessments and student work to analyze and reflect on instructional strategies and activities and re-teach where necessary. Our school works to provide an optimal atmosphere for all students while maintaining high academic expectations.

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