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La misión de la Academia Comunitaria Lee A. Tolbert es preparar a los estudiantes para el liderazgo empresarial en el siglo XXI al proporcionar un entorno enriquecedor y experiencias de aprendizaje rigurosas para una competencia exitosa en una sociedad global.

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Compromiso estudiantil de LATCA

I was created to be successful. I can do anything I set my mind to do. I achieve all my goals. I respect my parents, my elders, my peers, my teachers; but most of all, I respect myself.   I am wise; therefore, I listen and obey instruction. I not only accept responsibility, but I take it! I am responsible for myself, my actions, my supplies, my school, my home, and my community.   Daily, I am prepared for success: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I allow nothing and no one to stop my progress. I am ready to combat fear, ignorance, violence, drugs, and all other enemies of my community, my home, my school, and my life.   Knowledge is power and my greatest weapon; therefore, I will become skillful in science, mathematics, social studies, reading, english, technology, and foreign languages.  I will graduate from high school and complete college or gain advanced training in preparation for my role as a leader and an entrepreneur. I will use my creativity to create businesses, jobs, and other opportunities in my community.   As a student at Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy,  I AM RESPONSIBLE, PREPARED, AND READY TO LEAD.  Have an 8 point day!

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